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Our Approach

How We Work

How We Work

If we are honest with ourselves, we can all say that life does not always go as planned.  While we will help you develop a specialized plan to achieve your financial goals, there are sure to be unforeseen variables that we cannot always anticipate.  

Our approach allows us to easily adjust your plan to the surprises that life brings by utilizing an extensive array of resources combined with our team's years of experience.  This enables us to adapt and remain nimble throughout your financial journey.


  • Discover

    Our initial conversations are structured so that we can understand your goals and address any of your fears.  We want to know your story.  From here, we will begin developing a strategy built from your current situation and risk tolerance.  Sharing both qualitative and quantitative data allows us to begin assimilating our suggestions for your consideration.  Our experience tells us that the better we know you, the better we are able to serve you and your needs.

  • Design

    Once we have gathered the information necessary to begin your blueprint, we go to work designing a financial strategy that accounts for your unique situation.  We will perform research specific to your needs and objectives to ensure that we lay out a plan that considers all of the crucial components specific to you.  During this step, we will also collaborate with other professional specialists in tax, estate planning, insurance or attorneys as necessary to ensure our plan is comprehensive for you. 

  • Execute

    After we have agreed to a financial plan that addresses your goals and objectives, we will put the plan into action.  We will dig into the specifics of your portfolio by selecting investment options that align with the designed plan.  We will incorporate other solutions, such as insurance to name one, to meet other plan objectives.  As major life events or other surprises occur, we ask our clients to notify us so we can discuss potential adjustments to consider.

  • Monitor

    Once the plan has been executed, we will meet with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to discuss the progress of the plan and to make appropriate modifications dependent on changing circumstances.  As a part of our ongoing responsibility as fiduciaries, we will make recommendations as necessary regarding adjustments that we believe are in your best interest.

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